The advent of social media has pulled the many figures that are popular in the NBA into close interaction with the fans. Often, it helps fans understand the perspective of their players and coaches straight from their mouths. Other times, it’s a bit more difficult, and it can lead to players roasting fans, something Kevin Durant is arguably the best at.

But while a lot of today’s players have grown up with technology, the same cannot be said for the coaches. A lot of NBA head coaches and executives are public figures themselves, which means they have to be a little savvy about the apps they use. Unfortunately for Doc Rivers, his account was the site of a social faux pas that will be hard to live down for a while.

Doc Rivers Was Caught Liking X-Rated Tweets, Fans Immediately Roasted Him: “Horny On Main??”

As a lot of people are aware, when one has a Twitter account, the likes on said account are visible to all those that follow it. So if a player or a coach likes something, any inquisitive fan can find out what they’re looking at. And in the case of Rivers, a discovery was made recently showing that his account’s likes included a lot of pornography.