The women’s flyweight title fight that was held on Saturday came up in a more settled and more interesting way. The more interesting and soothing match was between Taylor Starling and Christine Ferea. In the more interesting match, Christine took over Taylor and therefore more people cheered her up. Feira’s more power and her experience power were enough in the match to overcome her opponent. Many people cheered the player up and also the match ended on a good note. Let us know more in detail about the match and also how the match ended. Let’s learn about the players as well in detail.

Christine Ferea TKO Taylor Starling Fight Video

The match was held on the 27th of August 2022 at the Radio Rancho Events center which is in Albuquerque, N.M. The match was on fire and many were shocked to see the result as Ferea was in form and she took no time to get over Starling at one moment Starling said that she can’t do it anymore. The referee was just casually monitoring as he would usually do but at one point Fera got over Starling and she was unable to get away from the trap of Ferea she was verbally saying that she is done with the match and at that referee came in and he dragged away Ferea and Starling was just startled to see what Ferea was on.

Christine Ferea vs Taylor Starling Full Fight Highlights

With this win, Ferea has won a total of four straight BKFC Bouts and she battled against Britain Hart at Knuckelmean two times and also won them as well. This is the 28th BKFC match and Ferea has proved her worth in these matches and through her earlier matches as well. Christine is as of now 39 years old and she is 57 kgs and winning her way out in every match until now. Christine is of American nationality, born and raised in America itself. Her style of fight is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Boxing as well. Of the three of her matches in Mixed martial arts, Christine won one of them, and also she won four matches from Amateur records.

The video where Ferea knocked Starling off went viral on the internet and it was posted on Instagram as well which went viral on the platform. Sometimes things can get a bit weird for many of the players and also the audience was a bit shocked and surprised to see Ferea perform to get Starlet in fear, it is not surprising that things like this happen in the BKFC as earlier as well many things occurred in these matches. It is now interesting to see how the player, Ferea would have a faceoff in her coming matches and how she will progress as is in a good position now.