Children play a vital role in the life of a couple and becoming parents is the toughest job in this world. The child brings a new chapter as well as happiness in the life of a couple and whenever the fans of famous celebrities hear the pregnancy news they instantly get excited and look forward to knowing more details about them. One such celebrity is the talk of the town as her due date is coming and her fans are excited and guessing the name of the child of Trisha Paytas. She has officially gone into labour, declaring that she is “1 cm dilated” which she mentioned on her Twitter page.

Her fans on Youtuber are now keen to discover what name she will give to her id several of her fans are hoping that she will call her baby Elizabeth. The infant is ready to be the first child of Trisha and she asserted this news through a video which she posted on Youtube and stated that she is expecting her 1st kid with her partner named Moses Hacmon. She had earlier been informed by her doctors that she would never be able to carry her baby in her womb naturally. The Youtuber asserted that her first child is a baby girl and she confirmed this news through the Instagram post in the month of April but has also said that she will raise her kid gender-neutral.

Trisha Paytas Baby Name, Gender & Pictures Revealed

As now her due date is near now her admirers are making their guesses on what she will give the name to her baby. She declared that she is ready for labour and informed her followers about it. It comes into the limelight after she shared a picture of her on Instagram 2 days back, asking if it is the final week she will be expecting. Trisha penned that “We ARE SUPER EXCITED TO MEET OUR FIRST CHILD AND SHE WILL BE A DAUGHTER”. At the latest, her induction date of Trish is set to be on Thursday, 22nd September 2022 which means that her daughter is going to be a Virgo kid.

Trisha Paytas Viral Theory With Queen Elizabeth II

When The Youtuber stated that she is one cm dilated the fans start searching for the meaning of this. It means that the Youtuber may not give birth to her child for weeks but it also marks just hours before the delivery completely depending on the body of the person. The most famous guess of the name of Trisha’s baby is that her fans are guessing that she will give her name to Elizabeth in order to pay the tribute to the late monarch who recently passed away on Thursday, 8th September 2022. Some are speculating that she will call her daughter Malibu and Paisley.