A woman from Norway claims she discovered her boyfriend’s cheating ways after realizing he suddenly became better in bed.

In a recent TikTok video, Pernille Torhov, 22, said her boyfriend recently lasted longer in bed after returning from a trip with his friends. Torhov further explained that they had been dating for only four months and didn’t see each other for a week before he went on the guys’ trip. She initially didn’t want to assume anything but her boyfriend decided to come clean about the affair via a Snapchat message.

“I feel pretty bad, and I’m disappointed in myself because there’s something I haven’t told you. One of the boys invited two girls on our cabin trip, and I ended up sleeping with one of them,” he wrote in the message.

“I was thinking to myself that it was a bit strange, but didn’t say anything to him,” Torhov’s boyfriend further stated that he didn’t want anything else to do with the women, but they claimed they couldn’t go home and said they didn’t even decide on an exclusive relationship before he left for the trip.