138308 Twitter Videos Went Viral On Social Media – Who Is Lost In Heaven? Some videos from the Twitter account 138038 “lost in heaven” are circulating the internet. Online users are looking for information about this account, and we’ll explain why it’s attracting so much attention. A video by Twitter user 138308 went viral, activating a massive debate. The number 138038 is listed in his bio, and he has a profile photo with the number 666. There is also an image of a Ghost, which now has 6000 followers and was created in July 2013.

Watch 138308 Twitter Le@ked Video:

It also says that I am back and DM for credit or removal. But now the tweets are showing that all of them are protected and only approved followers can access the tweets. Twitter must have taken some action against this account as it used to post NSFW videos and that’s why its access was put to a limit. Unfortunately, we have no information regarding this private account and there are no videos available now. But some media sites are sharing some links to its previous videos and they are really disgusting ones.

Who Is Lost In Heaven?

Multiple users reported this account for posting such content on a public platform and that’s why I treated you can activate and now there is limited access. It is also used to promote onlyF accounts and various adult websites to generate some revenue. But now nothing is there to be seen on his page and there is almost no information available regarding him by techie posted 14 times on the platform. We don’t have any information regarding his family relationship status for his body measurements.

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He is not active on the account and some people are saying that he abandoned the profile. But we are still searching about it has some online theories suggest the same. He suddenly became popular after some of his videos A started attracting people towards their account and NSFW videos are still trending and the popularity is still Rising.