Babo from Cartel de Santa has become a favorite in Mexico thanks to his songs like “El Arte del Engaño”, “Blah Blah”, “La Pelotona” and “Messajes de WhatsApp”. However, he is most famous for his physical appearance, which is notable for his different appearance than he does now. In addition, the rapper is known for songs like “Leve” and “Si Te Ven a Cuenta.”
Before the success of his fourth album, the Cartel de Santa musician accidentally killed one of his friends in 2007. The real name of Eduardo Dávalos de Luna, the singer, is a nickname for the musical project. During the early stages of the project, Dávalos went through difficult times because he only had few resources. While he was in prison for eight months, he wrote most of his fourth album.

Babo Cartel de santa leaked videos and photos on twitter and reddit
Babo Cartel de santa leaked videos and photos on twitter and reddit

Babo’s wife reduced his 40-year prison sentence to $8,000 bail for self-defense. She was originally going to face a 40-year prison sentence.

After the scandalous case, Babo, from the Cartel de Santa prison, said that he wanted to kill another person. However, the bullet ricocheted off the floor and ended up hitting him. After Dharius parted ways with the Cartel de Santa rap group, his appearance changed significantly. He started exercising very hard; this is because his first studio album was released after the split.

The Santa Catarina neighborhood in Monterrey was named after a rapper who has shown significant differences in his appearance over the years. One of the most VIEWED bands on YouTube is Coldplay, who is admired by rock legend Mick Jagger. Arctic Monkeys recently shared a live version of their band that sounds drastically different than their original recordings. An image shared on social media showed Florence Pugh posing as if she were singing a Harry Styles song called Don’t Worry Darling. Karol G announced the premiere of her movie Catwoman and gave the appearance of being covered in blood.

The 1975 announced a new album due out in August 2022. Two songs from the album were heard on the day of its release. The theme of the first song was “Happiness” and it is available on most streaming platforms.

The music video for The 1975’s ‘Happiness’ can be seen below. It was released alongside a 2022 album track titled ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’.

The band’s 1975 video shows the hedonistic state of ecstasy; this is a happy moment when you find true love that is reciprocated. Matty Healy, Ross MacDonald, Adam Hann and George Daniel convey this idea through their song “Happiness.” Anyone who likes the song can look up the lyrics and sing along.