Bibi Und Julian Trennung Video Viral On Twitter and Reddit – Julienco and Bibi separation of the YouTube couple: Currently, news is spread all over the internet about d@ting. According to the report, a news piece related to Bibi and Julian has been trending online. Is there anything wrong with d@ting these days? Let’s get all the details of the virus news. Currently the news has spread on the internet about Bibi and Julian that they are separated or something is happening to both of them.

Julienco and Bibi: Separation after more than ten years of relationship:

For many YouTube users, it’s the breakup of the year: Julian Classen confirmed on Instagram that he and his wife, influencer Bianca Classen, have split up. Their relationship has been part of the success for years.
Fans cannot believe the news that Julian Classen announced on Friday afternoon: he and his wife Bianca Classen have split up. “I would very much like to put an end to the speculation. I’ll make it short and painless: Yes, it’s true, Bibi and I broke up. Bibi broke up. Rather, I can’t and I don’t want to say anything about it at the moment,” said the man from Cologne, who appears online under the name “Julienco”.

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Bibi Und Julian Trennung Ki$$ing Video:

It is not clear yet. Bibi is currently 29 years old and Julian is reportedly 29 years old. The confusion has been building up ever since the couple left Instagram. The couple left Instagram altogether, but the couple returned to Instagram a few days later and after logging on to Instagram they behaved in a very different way. That is why viewers and their fans speculate that something is wrong with the couple.

A Video of Bibi Und Julian Trennung was le@ked on Twitter:

Bibi also wrote that she was at her parents’ house on Thursday, writing “Hello, I have just arrived at my parent’s house. We will have a good family together this morning ”. Instead Julian became a place to be somewhere else and showed a short Instagram story. He filed the matter on Thursday. That is why d@ting stories are circulating on various social media platforms. Because they both see it in a different place today.

It is not clear yet. Whether the news about the couple is true or not, nothing could be said now. Whenever a couple owner does not say any legal guarantee about their relationship. If we look at both the Instagram stories of the promoters it shows that there is something wrong with this couple, but nothing can be said now about their marital life.