As per the recent reports we are going to tell you about viral news that is coming up and creating a buzz all over the social media platform recently Freddie Gibbs coming Into the limelights where fans are also getting convinced and they are curious to know about that whether he is dating Thefitmami or not as there are several posts and he cannot stop talking about him on the Instagram posts. Freddy was going for a performance located in New York and his eyes were swollen but still, he was performing in buffalo where his fans were getting curious to know and to get the information about the fit mami that has been sharing with her and people are assuming to be her boyfriend on the social media platform.

Who Is Thefitmami?

So if we talk about the fit mami so you all know that she is a well known and a very famous model for only fans where she has been gaining a lot of popularity through his work and there are a lot of pictures on the social media platform with Freddie Mac when she poses with her however on Tuesday may 17 she also posted a particular video and their number of clips of her with the rapper and people can clearly see that she was having his name on her hand whereas we can see that they were laughing at each other and started fighting and they were giving it a caption with or two face emojis with a heart between them people are still assuming that they look very cute together and their several responses on that video.

Thefitmami Leaked Video

There were a number of comments by their fans that they look amazing together and you look like love birds whereas one of the fans also commented so happy for your mom on me came up showing up her tattoo both of them all linking together since a long time whereas Thefitmami comes up and never hesitate to show off her love the first photo that was being uploaded was on January when she was kissing him on the history however there was another photo being posted by her where we can see that they were speaking their tongs out which is said to be an intimate position this photo got a lot of likes and comments you can also find out more of the pictures of both of them on the social media platform as we all know that Thefitmami is the daughter of NFL Hall of Famer Dixon.

Why Are Freddie Gibbs & Benny The Butcher Beefing?

So if you want to check her Instagram profile you can search it on and where you can find her outstanding and standing photoshoots Where are she is having 12k of followers? Freddie Gibbs is a well-known rapper and his name is coming out with her for a long time he was signed for Interscope records in the year 2006 and he was recorded for his first debut Studio album under the label he was born on 14 June in the year 1982 and currently, he is 40 years old he was born and raised in the Indiana United States. Apart from being a rapper, he is also a great songwriter and he stepped into this industry in the year 2004. Earlier when he was young he used to play American football at the ball State University however when he turned he was going to the US Army in the Pre-trial diversion program.