Full Video: Xolani Hlebeya Video Le@ked Nondumiso Video Goes Viral on Social Media Twitter / Reddit: In daily life, we have been reporting over several incidents, and once again, a distressing video is capturing the attention of millions of people around the world. A disturbing video of an incident has grabbed millions of people’s attention on the internet and everyone is curious to know about the matter. According to the sources, the video involves a Schoemansdal man who is going viral as Xolani Hlebeya on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as well. This is an incident of a father and a son who died after being cheated by their beloved ones, said several posts on the Internet.

As per the sources, Xolani Hlebeya is a man from Schoemansdal, Mpumalanga who is trending on many social media handles. A video of his mishap is going viral on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. Along with this, a video was also shared by Xolani Hlebeya on social media in which he was explaining that his wife has cheated on him and there are some really disturbing scenes as well. The man faces the consequences of his wife’s cheating and the video is quite sensitive for all the people who have watched it before.

Xolani Hlebeya Video Le@ked On Social Media:

Now, the video has been removed from several pages on Twitter and other social media handles as it was reported an improper video for all the netizens on social media. Well, the video is showing the crime in which the father was hanging his son, killing him before hanging and killing himself.

A man from Schoemansdal named Xolani Hlebeya is currently trending on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter because of his video. In the latest video, he is complaining about his wife whose name is Nondumiso. The incident video is sensitive and therefore, we couldn’t share it on social media. Many people has already watched this video on Twitter and another platform before it was being removed.

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Who Is Xolani Hlebeya?

In the video, he can be seen poising his son and stabbing the child to death. Later, he hanged himself before doing the same with his son. He blames on his wife that she was cheating on him for a long time and he took this step. It has been clear that Xolani Hlebeya killed his son and committed suicide. Maybe, he doesn’t leave his son behind to live with his wife.

Maybe, the video has been taken off the Internet due to its content and it can be disturbing for many viewers of social media. We request to our readers please don’t watch or spread the video on social media. Xolani Hlebeya told in the video that his wife cheated on him and due to this, he is going to commit suicide and will end his life.