See What Happened To Yung Miami Best Freind Momo? Kayla B And Momo Fight Instagram and Twitter Explored: The feud between the two celebrities is nothing new, but when it escalates into a physical brawl, it sparks a war on Twitter and other social media sites. The most recent brawl between the two divas is currently trending on social media. Momo, Yung Miami’s best buddy, got into a physical altercation with Kayla B, King Von’s sister. Kayla B and Momo were caught arguing in a parking lot and had to be separated by their pals. One of the operational buddies was caught on camera punching the individual who had attempted to settle the argument earlier.

What Happened To Yung Miami Best Freind Momo?

Momo, Yung Miami’s best friend, is fine, but she was involved in a serious physical altercation with Kayla B. Kayla B is the younger sister of King Von, a well-known rapper from Illinois. Over the course of the year, Kayla B has been the subject of various scandals. She’s been dragged into a verbal argument with Asian Doll over something Doll said about her deceased brother Von.

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Kayla B And Momo Fight On Twitter:

Admirers have always pointed out Kayla B’s major shortcomings at the time of each of her past brawls. The reason for the late-night brawl in the parking lot with Momo has yet to be revealed. Momo appeared weak in the fight, according to social media commenters, who said that she should have avoided any possible fight. According to observers, Momo was hurt more than Kayla B in the incident.

Momo, Rapper Yung Miami’s companion, has not been in any accidents, but she has been severely injured as a result of a violent altercation with Kayla B. Close spectators caught the fight in the parking lot on camera, and they could see Momo’s uneasiness with the battle because she had never learned how to fight correctly.