Full video link: Canberra Road Rage viral Video On Social Media- A new video footage shows what happened after an agitated Canberra resident unintentionally collided with a Covid protestor’s vehicle. After a “road rage” altercation with a Covid protestor on Saturday morning, enraged local Chantal-Jasmin Fox (26 years old) attempted to flee. Ms. Fox became enraged and yelled at a protestor who was inspecting her car for damage. When Ms. Fox proceeded to drive away, her Holden Captiva collided with the demonstrator’s parked vehicle, resulting in a viral video of the collision.

Canberra Road Rage viral Video

The shooter emerges from the video footage shortly after the crash to see a furious Ms Fox alighting from her shattered automobile. She is then seen grabbing two Red Ensign flags from the protestor’s front windows and yelling, “Get the f*** out of Canberra!” No one wants you to be here.” Ms. Fox is seen swinging the flags in the direction of the older woman before a witness intervenes and separates the two.

The initial video began with the other lady leaning down to document any injury to her front. “What are you doing, you fu**ing bogan?” Ms. Fox then yells at the other driver. As the protestor asks for her driver’s licence, she begins, “Get the f**k out of Canberra, go get a job, and find something better to do with your fu**ing life.”

“You have reversed into me,” Ms. Fox says again. You’ve just reversed into me, honey. Say whatever you want sweetheart. “The media is uninterested in you.” The woman filming informs the driver that she is a “fanatic,” to which the driver expertly replies, “Yeah, I am, so get out of Canberra because there are a lot of us.” As she attempts to flee the incident, her vehicle collides with the back of a protester’s vehicle, throwing the 4WD into the air.

The rally on Saturday of up to 20,000 people is understood to be the biggest public demonstration ever held in Canberra. Ms. Fox on Sunday uploaded a photo of her black 4WD mounted on the other car of a lady stating she was “bit butthurt over an accident.” adding “anti-vaxxers=drama”.


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